Seismic News March 23rd, 2014
new Seismic Venator Pearl

Our 2013 summer release, the Venator, unveiled our strongest core to date, the Tenaci Asymmetric core. Its immense midlane strength brought a wave of new bowlers to Seismic, and now it's gone pearlised!

The Tenaci core specifications have remained unchanged, 2.485 / 0.054 / 0.027, but with our S.F-8/8 Pearl Reactive Cover, the Venator Pearl gets through the oil easier and delivers more angle on the back end than the original Venator. The Venator Pearl will complement the Venator when moving left on longer and heavier oil patterns.

The WWRD for the Venator Pearl is April 17th, 2014. Contact your local pro shop to pre-order yours now!

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