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8th October 2011


For a very limited run, we are releasing an updated version of the Desperado.

The Desperado was a very special ball. It combined the premium asymmetric "Insignia" core found in balls such as the Aftermath series and Epicenter, with a urethane coverstock. A silicon additive in the cover made the ball cleaner through the heads than most "old school" urethane balls, and more controllable on the dry than modern urethane balls.

The Desperado was very popular, and was used to win titles worldwide.

We did however find that the silicon in the coverstock hindered durability, so after our initial run of the ball, we quickly discontinued it.

Since that time, the Desperado has been the ball we get the most emails concerning, from bowlers searching to find one!

This has shown us that there is still a lack of quality products on the market for short oil patterns, and most are in fact designed for dry lanes, which are played in a completely different manner to short oil tournament patterns.

So, we have been hard at work developing a new Desperado.

The result, is the Desperado: Limited Edition. This new Desperado "LE" uses the same core as the original, but with modified densities to produce a lower differential of 0.025. Oil pattern experts say that bowling balls with differentials below 0.026 work best on shorter patterns, and we agree!

Thus, the exact core numbers for the Desperado LE are 2.61 RG, 0.025 Diff, 0.005 MB Diff.

The coverstock on the Desperado "LE" is a more classic blend urethane, and is finished at 4000 abralon to give you the smoothest reaction possible at the end of the pattern.

The Desperado "LE" is designed specifically for short patterns, and is not intended to cover a wide range of patterns. This means that if you want a ball for short oil sport patterns, you can have complete confidence in the Desperado "LE".

The bad news is that this will be a VERY limited edition ball. If you would like more details please feel free to email us, and have your Proshop pre-order their Desperado "LE's" soon, before they are all gone!

To keep the core numbers exactly as designed, and with such a short run of balls, we will only be producing the Desperado LE in 15 lbs.

The worldwide release date is 19th of October 2011.

Only 200 Desperado LE's will be produced, so get your orders in early! For details of how to order please email us at